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What our Clients are saying about us….


The ladies that clean my house are just awesome!  Not only do they do an excellent job cleaning my home but they put up with me!  For example, every week I know I leave the same  boring note that reminds them just what I like, how I like things, what to do, etc.  I know they’ve heard it a million times b/c they have been cleaning my house for years.   Even so they are very kind and respond in such a nice way!  Not only do they do everything but they always respond with “have a great week” or some friendly little note like that.  I think the funniest thing is that I have a crazy desire to have all my living room furniture vacuumed.  I know it’s a crazy thing to ask but I have a little dog and I just like knowing that the furniture is clean.  Well, not only do they do it but when I see all the vacuum marks on the furniture I just feel so happy!   They never miss a spot!  It’s weird I know but I thank them in my heart all the time for doing things like that.  Also, my little dog, is in a crate when the girls come to clean.  She is pretty tiny (5lbs.) and she is basically a nervous wreck around people.  Whatever my team does they must not scare her or make her feel uncomfortable b/c when I come home and get her out of the crate she is relaxed and happy…..never anxious or jittery.  If I ask them to check on her or peek to see if she’s okay, they always let me know.  Believe me, since my daughters left for college that dog is my life and I would not trust anyone but my team to come into my house when I am not home.  My team makes my life better and I am sincerely thankful for all their hard work!!



I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the good job you folks consistently do. In addition to them keeping my place Spic & Span, I also appreciate the way every little thing is always returned to where they found it and that they don't use cleaners with overpowering and lingering odors like so many other cleaning companies do.

Your Happy Customer,


Our team is hard-working, conscientious, thorough and friendly.  I like them, I trust them.  I know what to expect from them and I'm never disappointed that something was left undone.  . . . I don't even hear them complain about the blue toothpaste that my daughters leave "caked-on" in their sink.  Now, THAT'S service!



Well, having moved to our new house, if I did not have Clarkston Cleaning come over to do my cleaning I would not have time to do anything else.

My team is always cheerful and I am so grateful to have them clean my house.  They do a great job and if I ask them to do something specific it's always done. Great job ladies!  You are so much appreciated.



Thank you to the wonderful Clarkston Cleaning Team for helping keep our home in order and running smoothly.  They are very professional and friendly and work so hard - it's a blessing to have their help!

R and C


I am so impressed with my cleaning team!!!!! I Love how the house shines when they are done. Also if I get home when they are at my home they try so hard to accommodate me when I should be getting out of their way. And they give me so many great cleaning tips too!!!
I wish I could afford to have them every week!!!! GO TEAM!!! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK!!!!!

The gals that have been coming here-- do a really good job.  They are efficient and considerate.


I just wanted to tell you how wonderful my cleaning team is.  They all are very friendly, have terrific attitudes, they do a fabulous job cleaning and they go way above my expectations.  The whole experience has been very refreshing and I am very thankful for them and the job they do.  THANKS for providing such a great team and service!!!!!



I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate the services provided by YOUR/My Cleaning Team.  They are simply the best.  Not only do they document all of the items cleaned, but they pay special attention to the details; and this includes chocolates on the clean counter.They are always courteous, pleasant and cheerful – even after cleaning my house.  They are a delight and the services delivered without rival.


My life would definitely not be as pleasant without the help of my Clarkston Cleaning team.  This team consistently does a great job of cleaning my home.  This includes having to deal with multiple pets (my dog LOVES these women), lots of pet hair, and a 16 year old’s bedroom which is always a mess!  They frequently go above and beyond the normal stuff including cleaning my back door window, cleaning mirrors on my bedroom doors, and managing to sort through my messy refrigerator.  If I leave a note asking for something extra, they always work it in to their busy schedule and leave a note at the end indicating the task was done.  I am sure I haven’t thanked these women enough for all their efforts to make my busy life a little easier.  So Thank You Team for all your help and quality work!!



My team is absolutely a life saver.  In the last few years, I have lost two parents and some very close family members.  It has been a stressful time in my life, and it was such a pleasure to come home to a clean house... to leave people in my house that I could trust.   I love the once-a-month extra special touch, the little candies and the detailed sheet of what was done.  It is a pleasure working with this organization.  I especially like the "pay it forward" acts of kindness that you do for people with cancer, veterans, etc.  Not only do these ladies do an excellent job, but they smile and are pleasant as they are cleaning.  My team leader is a wonderful manager.  She works hard WITH her team.  She checks and double checks to make sure everything is done.   These ladies make my life so much easier.  I am fortunate, indeed, to have such a hard-working, professional, pleasant group.        


My house cleaning with Clarkston Cleaning began as a surprise.  I had fractured my right foot in two places.  I couldn't do even the basic cleaning as I was non weight bearing.  My husband surprised me by having Clarkston Cleaning come and give me an estimate for cleaning.  My team began the next day!  I looked forward to their coming.  They have a bounce in their steps and smiles on their faces.  I sometimes had a suggestion for an area that I noticed was "bugging me".  When you are home all day with nothing to do... it was easy to notice a dead fly in the upper window in the foyer or dust bunnies underneath the kitchen cabinets.  Anyway, they always aim to please me.  The little bag of chocolates is a nice way to say thank you.  They always write something nice on the bottom of the check off inventory.  Our barking dog, is even beginning to get used to the girls coming!  Well, the season of me being down to recuperate is over...and I am back to work fulltime.  I told my peers at work that the best thing that happened to me when I was injured was that I began using a cleaning service!  Now, I don't want them to stop coming and giving my home that thorough cleaning that I love to see every two weeks.  My team is welcome in our home and we look forward to clean sheets, clean floors, toilets, and sparkling countertops!  Oh, and the dust disappears for a while! 



I think I have the best team, and I so appreciate every time they come to my home.  They are reliable, excellent with the details, always carefully go over any notes I have about how I want things done, or asking about their suggestions as to how to go about something.  My team they just come in, get right to work, work really hard and always are smiling and most accommodating.

Please give my warmest thanks and appreciation to all of your teams...



My favorite thing about my team is that they always customize the cleaning to exactly what I want!



We are so grateful to our Clarkston Cleaning team!  They are always professional and friendly, they take excellent care of our home.  We have mostly wood floors, and no matter how hard we try, we can never get them as clean as they do.  They even take the time to be kind to our cats and dog in each visit.  Thanks for taking such great care of our home year round!



These wonderful and beautiful girls are a godsend and gift to me in a variety of ways!!  They are able to do in 2 hours what had become a week long project for me.  I am able to enjoy my family & life far better, as the physical and emotional strain the house upkeep was taking on me, was creating a struggle to enjoy and appreciate what really mattered.  They allow me a great and complete cleaning once a month, yet I still feel useful and able to do that in-between cleaning, that doesn't have to be as thorough and as long. 

I sat here for a couple of years, thinking wouldn't it be wonderful to "twitch" my nose, and have the house cleaned and off my list of worries and things to do?!  It may have not happened due to a "twitch,"  but by simply leaving a couple of hours, to grab a cup of coffee and run a few errands one Tuesday a month, I get to come home to a beautiful clean house and feel like my worries/list are far less of a concern!! :)

I cannot thank you enough or appreciate enough, how much you have changed my life & home for the better in such a short time!!



I am so thankful to have such a wonderful team to clean my house every month!
They do a wonderful job and I just love coming home to a clean house with nothing to do!
This is a fabulous feeling and it couldn't be without such a great cleaning team!
Thank you so much!



I'm thankful that my cleaning crew dusts all the pictures every time - and there are a lot of them!  Sometimes they add something extra, like cleaning the storm door or the patio door, which is also a nice surprise.  And they do a really good job vacuuming.  My German Shepherd's hair winds up everywhere, but after the crew is done, for a few minutes, there's no dog hair anywhere!



No complaints from me - everything was great!  In 38 years of marriage I've never had anyone come in and clean like your crew did - I have to say that I loved it! 


I am so thankful for my cleaning team!  It is such a great feeling to come home to a clean house and they are so thorough too! 
My kids love coming home to the chocolates!
Thank you for all you do!



I am thankful for my cleaning crew. They do a wonderful job.  My hardwood floors always look better than I have been able to do them. My team leader will make suggestions to me to improve the cleanliness of my house which is really good- I always follow them and have positive results.! I think she knows more about cleaning than I do.  When I have guests coming and I have to add on extra cleaning on to the visit- they never object or complain- it is reassuring to know I can count on them.  They are always respectful and helpful when one of us is home ill.  The thing that touched our family most is when I finally saw my team leader after our dog died, she told me a story about him.  We all loved her story and really appreciated it. It was tough to lose him. It’s nice to know that they care.

Thanks to all of you!



Our team is the best!!  I don't see them that often, as I am always working in my home office when they are here.  But when I do see them, they are always smiling and friendly, and they sure are kind to our dog. I can honestly say we have never had a better cleaning service or better team of dedicated ladies.  Our house sparkles after they have been here and they are always willing to do anything extra that we may ask of them. 

In short, our team ROCKS!!!  Thanks so much for everything.



I just wanted to take a minute to tell you what a wonderful job the girls are doing.  After working and dealing with people's problems all day it is so nice to come home to a clean house. It may sound silly but it means the world to me. I lead a busy lifestyle and it seems like I can never get my kitchen counters or kitchen table picked up. When I leave for work, papers or things are spread out everywhere in the kitchen. Now when I come home it is like the white tornado has come thru my house and kitchen. There a few neat piles and everything is it in its place.
Thank you so much for having them do this, it really makes my day.



I've had many cleaning services over the years.  This team is the best I've ever had.  They provide a consistently thorough cleaning every time they come here, and always with a smiling upbeat attitude.  In my house of teens/young adults, where clutter and mess reign easily, I myself am very easily frustrated and even embarrassed by a few rooms in my home.  Yet the team never complains, and always does the best they can in those rooms!  My kitchen is always spotless (how do they get that cook top so clean??), my floors are immaculate, and the bathrooms shine.  They are thorough, quick, so friendly, and fun.  They're even sensitive to our dog who is absolutely terrified of vacuums!  We are so very thankful for them, we think they are awesome.



I was reluctant for years to obtain help with my home cleaning because I am pretty picky.  Finally I accepted that I couldn't keep up with it all to my standards and decided to try letting someone else do something (!!!) since I was doing nothing (!!!).  I am so happy with my team and their accomplishments in my humble hovel.  They are as picky as I am and respectful of my house mates (cats).  One of the cats, was rescued from an abusive environment and has suffered with various conditions related to her anxiety around people. 
The team is so great with keeping her at ease that she has not had any relapse to her anxiety disorder since they arrived.  The physical comfort they impart is beyond my expectation.  The emotional comfort is incalculable.  Thanks for all you do—



My cleaning team always leaves my house squeaky clean!  Everything is so nice and clean!  As soon as you walk in you can tell they were here - the counters sparkle, the floors shine, and the house smells good!  And, the girls always leave me a little note.  I have never had a cleaning service that is this thorough and personable.  I recommend you to all I know!



I am very grateful for this opportunity to talk about my wonderful experience with my cleaning team from Clarkston Cleaning Services. Having been a customer for quite some years now, I have had plenty of opportunity to assess the quality of the work of my cleaning team. I have to say that I have been extremely satisfied with both my team's cleaning and their pleasant demeanors. This team has gone out of their way to be helpful, from shredding documents to once surprising me by cleaning the kitty litter when they knew I was over-extended. They have absolutely never refused any request for special attention to an area or extra work. They have been very kind to my children, and our many animals. My mother, who is now here when they clean, recently noted that every time she sees Clarkston Cleaning Services clean she becomes so much more dissatisfied with her own cleaning service (in Bay City or you would certainly have this account!). On my part, I recently threw a way an advertisement for a chance to win a years free house cleaning, and I recently again referred my team to a friend. My only hesitation with referrals has been that the more work they have the less available to me they may be. However, I have always chosen to take the higher road. Something this good is best shared.

Thank-you again for the excellent services!



It is not often that you find young and beautiful women showing up on time to clean, not only your home, but 3-4 others before the end of their work day. They show up on time, sometimes early, but never late, and with a friendly greeting, leaving their shoes off at the door, they go about their cleaning routine. Going to their assigned area we find them quiet but busy, thorough but moving quickly, as they know their day has other homes, hallways, bedrooms and bathrooms to do. Finished and heading out the door they leave that wonderful packet of chocolate and a checkoff list of what they cleaned with a handwritten footnote of those little things they did unexpectedly making those chocolate candies even sweeter.



Our cleaning team has done an outstanding job of cleaning the floor in our sunroom.  Because of some citrus plants we kept in there, the floor was very sticky and I could never seem to get the stickiness out.  Once we started having Clarkston Cleaning at our house, they were able to clean it thoroughly and keep it looking fresh.  I am so glad to have them!


One of the things I appreciate most about the cleaning team is that they make a special effort to leave a cute configuration of stuffed animals and dolls on my daughter's bed.

Thanks and take care!






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