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West Bloomfield, Michigan Cleaning and Maid Service

Is your maid now your best friend?

It is hard to tell your best friend that they missed something when they cleaned your house.  With Clarkston Cleaning Services if you have a problem with anything that they cleaned, you call the office and it is taken care of immediately.  We handle all issues for you so you don’t need to worry about hurting someone’s feelings.

Are you paying her for 3 hours of work and she is only cleaning for 2?


Clarkston Cleaning Services has a set price on your home, we give your home the attention that it needs every clean


We specialize in serving West Bloomfield, MI Cleaning Services.

Don’t waste another minute for your maid to finish cleaning.  Call Clarkston Cleaning Services today and get your home cleaned by the professionals. We have dozens of clients in the West Bloomfield, MI area for Cleaning and Maid Service.



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