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Bloomfield Hills, Michigan Cleaning and Maid Service

We have over 20 professional house cleaning technicians ready to clean your home for you.  Quit wasting your hard earned money on surface cleaning, hire us in confidence and see how professionals should clean a home.  We are not going to charge more for cleaning the microwave, cleaning the baseboards, cobwebbing your home, or scrubbing your shower.  The owner, Dawn Raffler believes if you are going to clean a house make sure you actually clean the house.


Anyone can surface clean but Clarkston Cleaning Services knows that is not what our clients want.  Our clients are willing to pay a little more to have their house cleaned by professionals that care about the way the house looks when they are done.  Have you ever had to re-clean your home after the cleaning lady?  Well at Clarkston Cleaning Services our team supervisors will complete a walk through process after each cleaning in insure this does not happen.  But, if you ever are not happy with anything our maids have done call our office within 24 hours and another team will be out there to make sure you are happy. 


We specialize in serving Bloomfield Hills, MI Cleaning Services.

Don’t waste another minute for your maid to finish cleaning.  Call Clarkston Cleaning Services today and get your home cleaned by the professionals. We have dozens of clients in the Bloomfield Hills, MI area for Cleaning and Maid Service.



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