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The Importance of Value and Price


Price is what you pay. Value is what you get in return.

When you select a house cleaning company, you will choose from a wide variety of cleaning companies, cleaning methods and prices.   


For selecting and hiring your house cleaning service, you will have to choose between hiring an illegal immigrant, an individual cleaner, an independent company, a franchisee or a larger independent company.


Not surprisingly there are risks and rewards for any choice you make.  However there are some serious considerations in terms of “Value Received” of which you may not be aware.


For example,

  • Consistent quality work and service
  • Lack of damage or breakage, or in the rare case of breakage, an immediate reimbursement or replacement along with professional handling of entire process
  • Ease of working with the office staff
  • Consistency of the team members who clean your home each week
  • Flexibility of Company’s policies and employees’ practices in terms of your special requests
  • Partnership mentality in practice, with the Client’s needs in mind
  • Far more services offered by one company, or by certified affiliates, affording you “one phone call does it all” arrangements, and considerable discounts
  • Confidence in knowing that you can trust the caliber of the people entering your home each and every week
  • Inclusion of bonus services or gifts periodically as a way of “thanking you” as a Client




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