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10 Fabulous Reasons Why You Will Love Our Service

  1. We arrive when we say we will.  You will never suffer from the “We will be there between noon and 5pm, and if I’m running late, we’ll call ahead to let you know.”  We honor your time as precious and valuable.
  2. You have direct access to me the owner at any time.  You will not be “brushed off” to a receptionist or supervisor if you have a concern or simply wish to speak to me directly.
  3. Honest Pricing. The price we quote is honest, fair and we stand by it.  No sale gimmicks, trick or hidden surprises.
  4. You Get Exactly the Cleaning Services You Want.  We customize our cleaning processes to your priorities…period.  No more “we don’t do it that way” or “that’s not how we do it” ever again.
  5. Hassle Free, Zero Stress to work with us.  We stand in the service of others, and will do whatever we can to make it as easy as possible to work with us.
  6. No Hassle Billing.  You never have to write another check again. We simply charge your credit card.
  7. You never have to be home!  Give us a key to their home.  We are the TRUSTED home cleaning service in your area. 
  8. We offer Non-Toxic cleaning chemicals.  We’ll even use YOUR favorite tile and grout cleaner, or any other special request product.
  9. Our employees understand and honor the role they play as they enter your lovely home.  Our ladies will conduct themselves in the utmost professional manner at all times, including appropriate conversation, noise levels while working and cleaning gracefully with minimal interruption to your routine in the event that you are home while they clean.
  10. We send out reminder emails the day before your cleaning.





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